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Threshold Performance

Towel on bed

Today I’m reviewing the Threshold Performance Towel, a terry cloth towell distributed by Target. This thing’s got “performance” in its name, so I’m going to evaluate it using a quantitative point system.


Towel on shelf near price tag

The Threshold Performance Towel is just $7.99.

We determine the points for this section by subtracting the price of this towel from the price of the most expensive towel I have reviewed: the Brooklinen Super Plush, which is $69 for a two-pack.

($69 / 2 - $7.99) x 100 = 2651 points


Front of the label

The label is fastened by string. No cheap plastic ties here friends!

+400 points

Back of Label

Back of the label

+10 points

UPC Label

UPC label

Origin: China

Not turkish cotton.

+0 points


Close up of loops

The loops are about 4 millimeters long and I can make out at least 22 individual loops in this photo.

(4 x 22) = 88 points


The Threshold Performance Towel is a little rougher than the Brooklinen Super Plush. It’s also noticeably lighter and less dense. But does this make it less effective at drying?

No. In fact, it’s more effective.

The Super Plush has this annoying tendency to retain tiny traces of water on the tips of its loops. When I brush up against those parts of the towel while drying off other parts of my body it gets all cold and tingly. It feels like the towel is depositing water back onto my body.

The Threshold Performance Towel does not have this problem.

+1 very big point


2651 + 400 + 10 + 0 + 88 + (1 very big point) = 3150 points

Bonus Round

Millenium eye overlayed on top of towel

+2000 life points


3150 review points + 2000 life points = 5150 total points! That’s high enough to earn this bath towel our prestigous editor’s choice award.

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